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Jiangxi Water and Hydropower Construction Co., Ltd. (JWHC) is established in 1956, which is initially the Hydroelectric Engineering Group organized by Jiangxi Provincial Government. Approved by General Office of Jiangxi People’s Government, the company has changed its name into Jiangxi Water Conservancy Construction Company in 1980 and is directly under the direction of Jiangxi Provincial Water Resources Bureau. In the year of 1993, the company is renamed as Jiangxi Water and Hydropower Construction Corporation, and then renamed as Jiangxi Water and Hydropower Construction Co., Ltd. approved by SASAC and Water Resources Bureau of Jiangxi Province in 2007.
       JWHC has gained various qualifications, including Grade 1 general contractor qualification for state construction of hydraulic and hydroelectric engineering, Grade 1 general contractor qualification for municipal and public works, Grade 2 general contractor qualification for highway engineering, housing construction and mechanical and electrical installation project, Grade 1 specialized contractor for earth and rock engineering, building decoration and real estate development, Grade 3 qualification for municipal gardening and forestation, Grade 3 specialized contractor for hoisting equipment installation project, Grade B qualification in surveying and mapping and water conservancy project quality test, qualification for blasting and qualification certificate of metrology attestation(CMA). As an import and export enterprise with self-declaration rights, JWHC owns operating qualifications for foreign business and has been qualified by National Ministry of Commerce for Grade A implement enterprise in Complete Foreign Aid Projects, which allows JWHC to undertake overseas project and international bidding project inside China, export materials and equipments needed in overseas project and send abroad needed labor services for the work of overseas projects.
      With its registered capital of 121.8 million yuan and the establishment of modern enterprise system, JWHC has become a group enterprise with distinct property and duty right, separation in politics and enterprise, scientific management and assets over several hundred millions. JWHC owns Jiangxi Yuandi Real Estate Development Co., Ltd, Jiangxi Hengsheng Labor Service Company, Jiangxi Overseas Construction Co., Ltd, dredging company, foundation treatment company, mechanical installation company, and mechanical and electrical installation branch. At home JWHC has branches in Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Hubei, Hunan, Sichuan, Guangxi, Yunnan, Shandong, Guizhou, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Xinjiang, and at abroad it has branches and offices in Ethiopia, Tunisia, Kenya, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Kingdom of Tonga. Nearly one hundred construction project departments are established both in and beyond Jiangxi Province. The business scope of JWHC covers a wide range of water conservancy and hydropower, housing construction, road and bridge, municipal gardening, mechanical and electrical installation, real estate development, etc., which are equipped with an engineering product quality inspection center that has fully instruments and skilled techniques to ensure the quality of works. At present JWHC has more than 1200 staff, including 80 senior engineers, 180 engineers, 235 primary engineers, 210 financial personnel, 76 constructors, 68 associate constructors and 680 professionals. Via asset optimization and persistence in diversified operation, the annual construction capacity of JWHC and its branches has reached 2 billion yuan.
For decades, JWHC has successively contracted to build many projects in China, such as Yongxiu Tuolin Hydropower Station—the largest storage capacity earth dam in Asia, Xinyu Jiangkou Hydropower Station, Nancheng Hongmen Hydropower Station, Jing’an Luowan Hydropower Station (a national engineering for preparedness against war), Shangrao Xiahuikeng Hydroelectric Project—a then highest ultra-thin dome dam with 102.39 meters dam height, bank dike reinforcement and regulation project of Jiujiang Stem Stream of Yangtze River (a National Key Project which has won the prize of Yu the Great), Ganfu Levee reinforcement and regulation project (a Provincial Key Project which has won the prize of Yu the Great), Liaofang Dam, Poyang Lake flood prevention and management project, reinforcement projects for large and medium dangerous reservoirs, emergency impermeable projects for Jiangxi key embankment, national concerning emergency reinforcement project for breaching part of Fuzhou Linchuan Changkai Dyke, Nanchang urban water system modification works, upgrading project of National Road 105, reconstruction project of Jinggangshan highway, Zhejiang Lin’an Tri-cyclic Bridge Construction Project, Yunnan Manzhuan River Reservoir Project, Hunan Guidong Oucai Reservoir Project, Sichuan Post-earthquake Reconstruction Project, etc., and there are many projects in  Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Hubei, Hunan, Guangxi, Sichuan, Yunnan and Hainan that are under construction, making a major contribution to domestic water and hydropower cause and highway constructions. Developed by Yuandi Real Estate Co., Ltd in 2008, the Waterside Garden Residency Community was renowned the highest single residence building in Nanchang with its amazing 33 floors at that time.
      JWHC has entered the foreign aid project and international project bidding fields in 1993 and won the bidding of many projects since then. It has contracted to build the Zimbabwe Valley Dam, overseas water conservancy projects Harley River (哈利河),Ell Paya(厄尔巴耶)and Grilla(格力拉)in Ethiopia, Yen-loan project of Shangrao Urban Flood Control Project, etc., among which the Valley Dam and Harley River(哈利河) are awarded as Excellent Foreign Aid Project by MOFTEC. Invited by the Ministry of Commerce, JWHC has assigned experts to conduct project acceptance work in Rwanda, Burundi, Guinea and other countries for many times. Since the year of 2005, JWHC has successively won the biddings and contracted to build many projects , including TENDAHO dam grouting and spillway, tunnel project, intake tower project, KESSEM dam diversion tunnel project, FINCHAA sugar refinery project, Ribb dam intake tower project, head works and related structure engineering of KURAZ development projects in Ethiopia, Bindula (宾督拉)Dam in Zimbabwe, Foreign Aid Project of two dams in Tunisia, health care center construction project in The Kingdom of Tonga and increased engineering of Parvan water conservancy project in Afghanistan, Kimira and Oluch irrigation project, Two River(双河) project, three hydropower station projects (EPC project)of Tea Company in Kenya, PAKKAT hydropower project in Indonesia, Phase II hydropower project of Son La Province (山罗省) Nanhua (南化)in Vietnam and the Millennium Road project in Mingolia. All these international projects have helped JWHC to broaden its international engineering market and gain a favorable reputation in this field, making it a competitive contractor all over the world. 
      As one of the AAA enterprise for “Honoring Contracts and Standing Reputation” and with bank credit of AAA level, JWHC has firstly gained the certification of QMS, EMS and OHSMS among its peers and become one of the first forty-five primary units of work safety standardization approved by the Ministry of Water Resources. In recent years, the production value of domestic and abroad business and completion works has increased quickly, and the projects constructed by JWHC have received high praise from both state administrative departments and the employers. The reinforcement and regulation project of Stem Stream of Yangtze River and the Ganfu Levee reinforcement and regulation project have respectively won the prize of Yu the Great for High Quality Water Resource Engineering in 2006 and 2009. JWHC is awarded “China Outstanding Water Conservancy Enterprise” by the Ministry of Water Resources in 2007 and 2010, and from 1999 to 2014 it has been awarded “Jiangxi Outstanding Enterprise” in successive sixteen years. Other rewards awarded by People’s Government of Jiangxi Province include “Advanced Unit of Provincial 10th Five-Year Plan Key Construction Project”, “Advanced Unit of Provincial 10th Five-Year Plan Safety Production”, “Advanced Unit of Provincial 11th Five-Year Plan Key Construction Project”, “2009-2010 Advanced Unit of Provincial Construction Industry”, etc.  Enterprise management awards include “Advanced Unit of Provincial Stepping-Out Strategy” and so on. Many construction methods declared by JWHC are approved as standards at both provincial and ministry level, which shows the high efficiency of technical innovation of the enterprise. On December 29th, 2011, JWHC has become the first “AAA Credit Enterprise of National Water Conservancy Construction Market” in Jiangxi Province qualified by the Ministry of Water Resources. And in the next November, it is rated as “AAA Credit Enterprise of China International Contractors” 
      JWHC strictly adheres to its managerial principles of “People Foremost, Prevention of Pollution; Legal Compliance, Continuous Improvement; Scientific Management, Safety First; Excellent Quality, Customer Satisfaction”, and with its first class service, quality and management, JWHC is looking forward to cooperating with colleagues in all sectors of society to make a splendid future!

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