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JWHC Awarded "Jiangxi Top 100 Private Enterprises in 2018"

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Hosted by Press Office of Jiangxi Government and Federation of Industry and Commerce, 2018 Global Jiangxi Businessmen Development Forum and Top 100 Private Enterprises in Jiangxi was held in Nanchang  to commemorate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up on November 26,2018. 

Chen Xingchao, member of the Standing Committee of Jiangxi CPC and Minister of the United Front Work, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Sun Jusheng,Vice Governor of Jiangxi,and Lei Yuanjiang, Vice Chairman of Jiangxi CPPCC and Chairman of Federation of Industry and Commerce attended the meeting. Also attending the meeting were relevant leaders of provincial departments,  Jiangxi businessmen from all over the world, as well as representatives from top private enterprises.

 2018 yearly list of Jiangxi Top 100 private enterprises, Jiangxi Top 100 manufacturing private enterprises and Jiangxi Top 20 service private enterprises were released at the meeting. JWHC was awarded honorary title of "Jiangxi Top 100 Private Enterprises in 2018".

According to the meeting, both overall scale of large-scale private enterprises in Jiangxi and threshold for entry has been greatly improved in 2017, total operating income and total assets have increased significantly. Affected by this, the threshold for Jiangxi top 100 private enterprises has reached 1.417 billion yuan, the highest value in the past six years.



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