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Ouémé Multi-purpose dam project Signed in Benin

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On December 19, 2018,Chairman Wang of JWHC and Mr. Samou SEIDOU ADAMBI, Minister of Energy and Mines(le Ministre de l'Eau et des Mines,MEM) signed a contract for Ouémé multi-purpose dam project in Benin.

Signature of the Contract

Financed by Export buyer’s credit insurance as a key project in Benin's Government Action Programme 2016-2021, Ouémé project contributes significantly to the improvement of  water supply and agricultural irrigation for husbandry and fishery, boosting living standards of urban and local socioeconomic development.

Meanwhile Chairman Wang and his entourage visited Mr. Peng Jingtao, Ambassador of the Chinese Embassy in Benin, and Mr. Zhang Bohui, Counselor of the EC Counselor's Office, respectively. During cordial interviews with the Ambassador and the Counselor, Chairman Wang reported the progress of the project while expressing his sincere appreciation for their strong support. He committed that JWHC will further actively promote the project with confidence and determination to build a good project. 

The ambassador and the Counsellor fully affirmed JWHC as an ardious pioneering contractor with a long history of dedication to overseas rooted, and a tradition of actively assuming social responsibility, its therefore our sincere hope Ouémé multi-purpose dam project, one of the down-to-earth livelihood projects in Benin, will be launched ASAP so as to play its full role of maximizing socioeconomic benefits,and make it one of JWHC’s demonstration project for China's “Going Global” initiative.

Cordial interviews with the Ambassador

Cordial interviews with the Counselor

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