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Chairman Wang Investigated Ethiopian market

Author: release time: 2018-12-27 browsing number: 0 From December 21st to 24th local time Chairman Wang and his entourage conducted an investigation research on the Ethiopian market with a tight and fruitful schedule that witnessed by an inspection of the real estate development projects, a series of interviews, a work conference, and a friendly Sino - Ethiopian football match between Chinese and local staffs.
During his stay in Ethiopia, Chairman Wang has interviewed respectively  with the CEO of the Ethiopian Construction Group(ECG), the State Minister of The Ministry of Water Irrigation and Electricity (MOWIE), the Director of  Addis Ababa City Road Transport Administration Directorate Authority (AACRA),various topics were discussed such as  the KURAZ Dam Project, the RIBB Irrigation Project, and other municipal projects under construction. 
When meeting with the CEO of Ethiopian Construction Group, a good foundation between the two sides for cooperation was highlighted with wishes for further consolidation, and our strength in the field of water projects was demonstrated in the KURAZ dam project. The CEO stated that the company strength has been well recognized by ECG  thanks to  JWHC efforts and contributions to the KURAZ project over the past few years, and hope such cooperation to deepen further. 
When meeting with the Minister of MOWIE, The capability of JWHC as a global contractor was stressed with a long history of 23 years in the field of water conservancy in the Ethiopian market starting from1996.JWHC will also participate in the construction of hydropower stations and energy projects planned by the government in the future and make more contributions to the development of water conservancy in Ethiopia. The Minister first expressed warmly welcome to Chairman Wang for this trip,the Ministry is very satisfied with the progress JWHC has made in  RIBB irrigation, ARJO water intake tower and WOLKITE tunnel project. These projects fully reflects the strength and JWHC is expected to actively participate in the fields of water,irrigation, power and energy development.  
When meeting with the Director of AACRA, Chairman Wang expressed the hope to further strengthen cooperation with AACRA in the field of urban roads construction and operation that contributes significantly to the improvement of the appearance and traffic in capital city. The Director appreciates the strength of our company and sincerely invites our company to participate in the construction of road traffic and other fields.
At work conference with  main managers of Ethiopian branch , Chairman Wang listened carefully to the work report with some guiding suggestions on project management, human resources, financial risk control and team building. He stressed the importance of  people-oriented thinking with more cares on difficult employees and the growth of young people. At the same time, it is necessary for more managerial  personnel to keep learning and strengthen communication skills in an open brainstorming and emancipating atmosphere. 
Before leaving Ethiopia , Chairman Wang also participated in a friendly football match  between Chinese and local workers of JWHC Ethiopian Ltd.
The visit of Chairman Wang and his entourage has greatly encouraged the staff morale to welcome the arrival of 2019 with sublimest emotions.
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