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General Manager Xu inspected water supply project in Gansu

Author: release time: 2018-12-29 browsing number: 0 A good snow is falling, the cold is chilling.From December 26th to 27th,general manager Xu and his entourage, GM assistant Du Ling and deputy manager Wang Haipeng inspected Lot 51 and Lot 37 of the Second Phase water supply project in Gansu , conveying cordial care and warm greetings to the frontline staffs.

General Manager Xu and his entourage conducted various site inspection of 10# culverts, 11# - 12# tunnel of Lot 51, and 1# aqueduct, 1# - 3# tunnels of Lot 37 ,for current progress, HSE conditions and issues incurred as well as  measures and arrangements for next phase, after debriefings on safety production management of the two project departments. General Manager Xu fully affirmed the achievements so far in the hard environment, and put forward specific rectification suggestions for improvement. He encouraged all staff  to make persistent efforts and  continue to carry forward the spirit of overcoming difficulties and fighting hard battles, going all out to further strengthen project management and safety production, solving problems in a timely manner in order to ensure the realization of safety production targets and other goals.

Meanwhile General Manager Xu attended the accomplished ceremony of 1# tunnel of Lot 37 with the design,consultation and supervision teams even though the snow is falling thick and heavy .

The visit of Chairman Wang and his entourage has greatly inspired all.With a higher spirit and full of enthusiasm, JWHC staffs will actively participate in their respective work to make  greater contributions to the development of the company. 
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