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Building a learning organization, JWHC in action !

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With each New Year comes a new sense of renewal. Renewal of hope, renewal of goals, and renewal of inspiration. 

In order to strengthen technical exchanges and build learning organizations, GM Assisstant Du Ling and her entourage of more than 40 technicians has  visited Fuzhou  and interacted with Liaofang Irrigation PPP project phase II from January 5th to 6th, 2019.

On the first day, the delegation braved the cold wind and freezing drizzle in a  series of field visits. Peng Canhua, Zeng Junping, Ma Xiaomao and other project managers made brief introduction on various topics such as technical characteristics, key points of quality and safety control, selection of technical schemes, and analysis of economic benefits.

The next day, the study group participated in the technical training course organized by HR Department and Liaofang Project. General manager Xu attended the opening ceremony and guided the training course with keynote talks. Every learning opportunities shall be cherished, the gaps be shortened, and the final effect be tracked constantly. Project managers Peng Canhua and Zeng Junping also gave technical lectures. Finally, deputy general manager Wang Junhua gave a brief introduction on PPP project management accompanied by cordial discussions and exchanges.

Being one of the 172 key water projects for the 13th FYP, the total length of the main canal is more than 90 kilometers. This study in Liaofang Irrigation PPP project phase II will improve the overall technical level with a far - reaching significance for JWHC's long - term development. 

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