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The Uganda Administrative Capacity Building Seminar in 2019 ended successfully

Author: release time: 2019-09-10 browsing number: 0 On the morning of September 4th, led by teachers from Jiangxi Vocational College of Foreign Languages and Foreign Trade, more than 20 students from the Uganda Administrative Capacity Building Seminar in 2019 visited our company. JWHC Overseas ltd general manager Huang Zhengmin, assistant general manager Zhang Liya,  JWHC Kenya ltd general manager He Xiang and other leaders participated in the seminar. 

At the seminar Huang Zhengmin, General Manager of JWHC Overseas ltd, first warmly welcomed the students visiting team and gave them a detailed introduction of the company's basic situation. Huang Zhengmin said that Uganda is rich in resources and has great potential and space for development. He hoped that in the future JWHC  would participate more in local infrastructure projects in Uganda , and contribute to the development of friendship and the promotion of economic and trade cooperation between the two countries.

The general manager of JWHC Kenya Ltd, He Xiang, introduced the relevant situation in Kenya and Uganda, and focused on Two Rivers shopping mall project in Kenya, he hopes to have the opportunity to further develop Uganda market,and deepen the friendship between JWHC and the student team.

During the seminar the participants actively interacted and expressed their feelings and thoughts. After the meeting, Huang Zhengmin said that he and the Ugandan student team "It is much to be regretted that we could not meet earlier in this short seminar ", and invite the students to take a group photo. he is looking  forward to the opportunity to reunite with the student team in Uganda.

The seminar ended successfully!
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