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ICSHP and Sustainable Development Seminar Delegates Visited JWHC

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On September 19 morning , more than 20 delegates from International Center on Small Hydropower  (ICSHP) and Sustainable development of Rural Community Seminar visited JWHC. JWHC Director and JWHC Overseas Ltd GM Huang Zhengmin, Deputy GM Xiong Yuguan, and GM Assistant Zhang Liya accompanied the delegation and attended the symposium.

At the symposium, Director Huang first extended a warm welcome to the officials and outlined a detailed company profiles to the delegation. As a core member of ICSHP, it’s his sincere wish for JWHC not only to explore and open up a broader international market under the leadership and support of ICSHP , but also meet more friends and create more cooperation opportunities as well, leading the road of "common development and common prosperity" with other countries through this symposium.  

ICSHP Deputy Director Dong Guofeng subsequently introduced the relevant situation of this visit and affirmed the outstanding achievements of JWHC, having entered ENR Top 250 International Contractors rankings in 2019. He said JWHC has rich experience and strong technical strength in overseas engineering construction, looking forward to further strengthen cooperation with our company under "One Belt, One Road" initiative.

During the symposium, officials from various countries introduced their relevant water policies, and expressed their hope to cooperate with our company and carry out water project construction suitable to local conditions. 

After the symposium, Director Huang affirmed the meeting with seminar delegates had a far-reaching significance, and invited the delegates to take a group photo as a souvenir, looking forward to meeting them again!

The symposium ended successfully!



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