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Strategic Cooperation Agreement Signed between JWHC and Energy China Group

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On May 20, JWHC signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Guangxi Electric Power Planning and Engineering Institute Co.,ltd of Energy China Group. Li Mingfang, director of the International Engineering Department of Guangxi  Electric Power Planning and Engineering Institute, and Zhang Zhouping, JWHC director & executive director of Jiangxi Overseas Construction Co., Ltd.(JOCC), signed the agreement,respectively.


我公司是联合国工发组织国际小水电中心核心会员,同时也是小水电国际标准编委会成员单位, 2019年入选ENR250“全球最大250家国际承包商”,排名158位。主要业务涉及水利水电、市政公用设施、公路桥梁、房屋建筑、园林绿化、金属结构制作安装、机电设备安装、基础处理、疏浚业务、质量检测、房地产开发、劳务输出、海外工程承包、金融投资等多个领域,业务范围覆盖国内各地和亚洲、非洲、大洋洲等区域。

As a core member of International Center on Small Hydro Power (ICSHP) of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), and a member of the International Standards Editorial Board on Small Hydro Power, JWHC ranked 158 in the ENR Top 250 International Contractors in 2019,with its core business mainly involves diversified fields such as water conservancy and hydropower, municipal utilities, highway and bridges, housing construction, landscaping, hydromechanical & electromechanical installation, foundation treatment, dredging business, quality inspection, real estate development, labor export, international contracting, financial investment covering all parts of home and abroad in Asia, Africa and Oceania.


As a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Energy Group, Guangxi Electric Power Planning and Engineering Institute is the only Grade A comprehensive power planing and engineering enterprise in China, integrating services such as surveying,consulting , general contracting of hydropower, thermal power, power grid construction,with its highest qualification at related technical engineering test and inspection, geotechnical & geological disasters supervision, safety and environmental assessment, water conservation, cost estimation, post-evaluation, software development ,and the comprehensive utilization of resources as well.The international business focuses on Southeast Asia and many overseas regions such as South America, Eastern Europe and Africa.                                                           


During the seminar, the leaders of the two parties exchanged views through friendly discussion concerning overseas investment and project cooperation,striving to a win-win cooperation to boost their respective advantages. Both parties highlighted the significant of this strategic framework agreement signature, not only conducive to the establishment of a sustainable and stable cooperative relationship catering on discovery of complementary advantages, but also conducive to development of new overseas markets where such cooperation shall play a vital role.


Attendees of the signature ceremony include Huang Zhengmin, JWHC director & JOCC general manager , Xiao Kai, JWHC deputy general manager, Zhang Liya, JOCC assistant general manager, Yao Lei, general manager of Jiangxi Overseas Energy Development Co., Ltd., as well as representatives from Guangxi Electric Power Planning and Engineering Institute like Xu Zhurong, director of Vietnam Office, Lin Zixiang, director of Cambodia Office, and Su Yi, director of Indonesia Office. 

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