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Successful Closure of RUSUMO Falls Hydroelectric Power Project-Phase II in Rwanda

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On July 4th, 2020, the cofferdam at the upstream of the diversion works of Regional RUSUMO Falls Hydroelectric Power (RRFHP) Project-Phase II in Rwanda was successfully closed, which marked the formal commencement of both the diversion works on the right bank and the main works on the left bank!


Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, the construction progress and various management of the project have been deeply affected, but the project team has not been frightened by this epidemic situation. Instead, the Employer and the Supervisor was consulted, targeted epidemic prevention measures was formulated, and construction progress plan was streamlined accordingly. Thanks to efforts of Project team  to promote the construction progress, the ESHS management specification was strictly observed, the construction technique and engineering quality was under strictly control. After the water intake and the main works of overflow dam in Phase I has been accepted upon completion on schedule, works on the diversion construction of Phase II project on the left bank was commenced immediately. Finally, through several days and nights of hard working,the upstream cofferdam was successfully closed at local time 10:50AM on July 4th , the goals of diversion works closure of Phase II project on July 5 was realized.


In order to advance the construction progress to the greatest extent, and delivered the project with excellent performance to the satisfaction of the Employer, the project team will focus on the role of both epidemic prevention and project progress through  logical mobilization and active organization, striving to overcome difficulties in the time ahead!


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