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Mozambican President Inaugurated Corumana

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Phoenix Nirvana, JWHC Built Yet Another Monumental Work

 Mozambican President Inaugurated Corumana with Ribbon-Cutting  


After more than a thousand days and nights of hard work, Mozambique Corumana Dam Completion Works, which streamlining the design, construction and rehabilitation of water storage infrastructures, has finally ushered in the joy of completion. On October 29, 2020, Moamba have a new look as His Excellency Filipe Nyusi ,the President of Mozambique, inaugurates Corumana with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.


The President and his delegation inspected each key parts of the project, reviewing the engineering design and construction details as well as subsequent operation planning.With a lofty spirit the President even pressed the remote control button himself while watching,with interest,the live demonstration of opening and closing of the radial gate.




 Project Manager Zhang Chi accompanied the President to inspect the spillway




His Excellency the President Visited Resettlement Area



 His Excellency the President has a close look at the radial gate



As the President unveiled the inscription to inaugurate the project, there was a roar of laughter and applause, which marked the formal completion and operation of the Corumana dam project!





 His Excellency the President Inaugurated Corumana with Ribbon-Cutting



At the ceremony, the President extended a cordial reception of the contractor's representatives and delivered a warm speech. Corumana Project will play a roll of epochal significance as to ensure life water supply to millions of people in the Greater Maputo region, improving the rainwater management in southern part of the country, in addition to clean energy production and irrigation of the Incomati Valley. He expressed his heartfelt thanks to JWHC.



Address by His Excellency the President on completion


The President was accompanied by Director General of the President Office,the Minister of Public Works, the Governor of Maputo Province, the Director of DNGRH, as well as the representatives of the Employer, World Bank,Engineers, Contractors and local residents.The ceremony was broadcast live on Mozambique national television and mainstream media.



Biggest local newspaper Noticias coverage on the ceremony



Group photo of project team members

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