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JWHC Entered 2021 ENR Top 250 International Contractors Rankings

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On 0:00 AM, 19th, August 2021,The US magazine, Engineering News-Record (ENR) has released  Top 250 International Contractors in 2021. Jiangxi Water & Hydropower Construction Group Co.,Ltd. (JWHC)  has again entered the Top 250 International Contractors rankings for the fourth year successively since 2018,paving the road to recovery.

No pains,no gains. Making its overseas construction business as core developement, JWHC has its ranking risen eleventh places from 143th at 2020 to 132th  among the Top 250 International Contractors this year, indicating the continued effects of its international expansion strategy  undergoing major internal changes to cope with COVID-19 disruptions and keep projects and profits moving forward.

As an authoritative academic journal in the global engineering and construction field, the ENR releases the Top 250 Global Contractors and the Top 250 International Contractors annually. The two ranking lists are widely recognized in the construction sector to comprehensively reflect the dynamics of the year in the global construction market.

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