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Welcome Home in the Beginning of Spring

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Welcome Home in the Beginning of Spring

—— Seminars for Overseas Returnees of JWHC


In the afternoon of February 3, JWHC overseas returnees exchange forum was held.Wang Yuandan, party secretary and chairman of JWHC, Zhang Zhouping, director of JWHC and executive director of JOCC, Huang Zhengmin, director of JWHC and general manager of JOCC, and other senior leaders gathered together with overseas representatives to express their views and seek common development.

First of all, Chairman Wang expressed sincere welcome and cordial condolences to overseas returnees for their sticking to the battlefront and adhering to “Braveness and Dedication”,the spirit of JWHC.Chairman Wang pointed out that overseas returnees gathered happily to exchange work status and talk about their work feelings, offer suggestions actively and explore future development.

Chairman Wang stressed that under the influence of the ‘COVID-19’, Chinese and even global "going out" enterprises have been hit, but overseas markets have always been an important battlefield for JWHC. Unswervingly implementing the "big overseas" strategy, turning the crisis into an opportunity, the prospects will be brighter!

Director Zhang gave a brief introduction to the current overseas market and the progress of major projects. He proposed that overseas development requires the front-line elites to put forward targeted opinions, open up their thinking and develop  all-round way in light of the actual situation of their work.

In the seminar, the participants from the market management, contract management, production management, financial management and other aspects of overseas, talking about experience and feelings for intensive cultivation of overseas markets and long-term development advice.

Director Huang pointed out that the company being people-oriented and making overseas as our root, will strengthen our independent learning, and create a better future hand-in-hand.

Also attending the discussion were general manager assistant Zhang Liya, and  heads of departments of JOCC.

Colorful flowers blooming in the eve of Spring season of 2021. We believe that under the leadership of the board of directors , colleagues at home and abroad will certainly create a vigorous development of JWHC!

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