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Contract Signing for Construction of Mwiki and Clay Works Reticulation Sewers

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At 8 a.m. on 19th March, 2021 local time,JWHC Kenya Limited undertook contract signing for the construction of Mwiki and Clay Works Reticulation Sewers Project at Athi Water Plaza, Nairobi. Liu Ruilin, Chief Engineer of JWHC Kenya Limited and Thuita Michael, Chief Executive Officer of AWWDA (Athi Water Works Development Agency), attended the signing ceremony and signed the contract.


The project scope entails construction of about 150 km of primary, secondary and reticulation sewers, 6,000 households sewer connections. Once complete the livelihood project will benefit more than 150,000 local residents greatly.

The social media also reported the signing ceremony at the first time


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